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I have always loved redoing, refreshing, reorganizing. Anything with home “to do’s”, decluttering, painting. And I’ve had a lot of my peeps recently ask me the “how to’s” on so many of my projects. So why not offer help right? Introducing Simply Clean Homes. Whether it’s a redo of a playroom, a clean up of a neglected bathroom, a total housecleaning from top to bottom, or a pristine look for a home going on the market, I would love to help you. Besides, the Hubs is over my projects in our own home, so let me tackle yours instead!

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Whether you're ready for it or not, fall is coming and for a lot of us here in middle Tennessee, that also means school is back in session!  Can I get an amen from those parents out there??!  That can also mean that your schedule is going to get a bit busier.  Let us help you out!  Taking the load off of you for cleaning your house is our speciality!  Schedule a cleaning can thank me later.........

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From my view....


Every room in your house can become a piece of art, one that pleases your eye and makes you feel at home. Don't overlook redoing even the laundry room. During the beginning of the pandemic, I began to get a bit antsy (imagine that!) and started taking a look at what I could get my hands on around here!  Turns out, our laundry room needed a good cleanup. I decided to not repaint it but to do something else I love....wallpaper! Target to the rescue. I love the clean look of this shiplap paper and it's peel & stick so bring on the easy installation. Next I needed to tackle the storage issue. So I found an unfinished cabinet (actually 2 end ones) at Lowe's and gave them a fresh coat of white paint. Grabbed a discontinued and on-sale piece of countertop, and voila! Just add a few cute and clean accessories and I'm in love. If we are going to be working in it, we might as well help make it beautiful!

Work spaces can be pretty too....


Currently working on a client's home office remodel.  She is working from home more now and has decided to transform her unused dining room into a peaceful work space with beautiful colors and a simple style full of functionality. I have this weird ability (which my hubby calls a curse now! ha!) to walk in to a room and be able to visulize almost instantly how I would set things up, even down to the accessories. Same thing happened for this space. The first day I met with this client, I knew I would lighten up everything. And although I love nice draperies, most tend to darken up a space so recommending we remove the old curtains and add simple shades will really open up the space. Swapping out the light fixtures and adding new accessories is going to be so fun! I love helping someone fall in love with a new space in their home, especially when that is a work space. Looking thru some of these samples is making me swoon. Let the games begin!

Planning is part of the fun!


It's amazing what a vase full of gorgeous fresh flowers will do for your space.  And your mind!  And these gorgeous beauties were given to me by the Hubs so that's even better. Surprising me with this for our 24th wedding anniversary was really sweet. I guess he's good for awhile atleast. Ha! Seriously ya'll, these are some of the prettiest flowers I've seen. One thing to remember, you don't always have to wait until someone brings you flowers. I've gotten in the habit to include flowers on my grocery list. Most grocery stores carry affordable bouquets and several even include clearance ones that are still pretty. Buy yourself a small arrangement for your dining room or kitchen table/island. It always brings a sense of calmness and instantly warms up any room in your home. Treat yourself deserve it!

Little things make a big difference....

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I want to take a few minutes to tell you a little bit more about Simply Clean Homes. It’s something I’m very excited to be a part of. I’m a wife to my hubs (25 years this Spring), a mama to three daughters, and a lover of all things “home” related! My family keeps me motivated to create a space that feels welcoming and full of life and love. And I’m all about doing that on a budget....don’t think for a minute that you have to spend a ton of money to make a few great improvements to your home. Whether it’s a quick wallpapering update, a much needed organizing of a playroom, a good housecleaning from top to bottom, or a fresh coat of paint for your living area, it can be done and I can show you how. Drop me a message and let’s get started together!

Shelly Massey

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Cleaning Tips....

 Often times I get asked what my secrets are for cleaning.  I'll share just a few here..

     *always tackle cleaning your house room by room

     *keep a basket handy to gather things that go somewhere else as you tidy up

     *make a list of what you want to clean so you can stay on track

     *use a magic eraser and dryer sheets to clean glass shower doors 

     *wiping bathroom and kitchen faucets and fixtures with lemon furniture oil will make everything sparkle!

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Before & Afters

We recently had the opportunity to makeover a rarely used dining room in to a welcoming home office and it was an awesome experience! Our client wanted a welcoming and cozy space to work in that also felt clean and familiar. We transformed this space in to just that with new paint, window treatments, sconces and gorgeous furniture and accessories. Can't wait to get started on another remodel project soon!


From dark walls to dining room furniture to dim lighting, this space needed a new feel. Such a fun transformation!

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